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Obedience Over Hustle: The Surrender of the Striving Heart

Obedience Over Hustle: The Surrender of the Striving Heart

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The world promises recognition and promotion if we "hustle harder," but at what cost?


Join the counter-cultural movement of choosing surrender over striving.

Throughout scripture, we encounter individuals who had to face the hard reality that their dreams and time lines weren't God's best plan. By exploring these biblical narratives alongside her own personal stories of radical obedience, author Malinda Fuller encourages readers to respond to the questions God asks each of us: "Will you trust Me? . . . Will you do what I'm asking you to do?” 


Fuller's challenge to all of us is to yield to God's voice—no matter where He leads or what He asks, whether it's complicated or straightforward, accepted by others or challenging to understand, and regardless of how it makes us feel (even if it appears foolish). May we have the courage to surrender to His plan and His timing—to choose obedience over hustle.

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