Featured Artists

Why Feature Other Artist's?

You might be surprised to see that the very first verse in the bible says that "God created". We believe here at Let Love Be My Motive Studio that creativity allows us to discover who God is and how we are made in the likeness of his image! One of Holy Spirit's vision is to invite people to explore their own creativity. Our Featured Artist's are a few He has handpicked to be featured at the Studio. We hope you love their amazing creations as much as we do! Each artist has a unique style. Their creations are as unique as they are. We highly encourage you to not only support our amazing artist's but also to be inspired to explore your own creativity.


Auttie's Art 

Autumn Rae Smith (born 2002) , resides in Berville, Michigan. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Fine Arts;  she is majoring in both Fine Arts and Art Education. She is expected to graduate on December 14, 2024. She has obtained observational experiences at the Krause Elementary School, Armada Middle School and Armada High School; Additionally, she has worked in SFX makeup for four years and has painted murals at various places such as: Imlay City Christian School, Armada High School, and United Automotive. 
Her work focuses on subjects of comedic nostalgia, as well as conversations surrounding mental health. She primarily works with acrylic and oil paint as well as graphite, charcoal and prismacolor drawings. To know Autumn is to know sunshine. She is a very talented artist that explores through several different mediums. Her art always starts a conversation. I pray you enjoy her art just as much we do! :)

Grannies Goodies

Janice Patton has been crocheting, knitting, and creating as long as her grandchildren can remember. She makes a wide variety of items including blankets, bookmarks, plushies, and much more. 

Julie With Maple Lane Crochet

It all started with bee...Benjamín The Bee. I was a customer first and as soon as my order arrived, I knew that Maple Lane Crochet was chosen to be in the Studio. Julie is one of our featured artists that is located all the way in Ohio. She has the cutest keychains, plushies, and more! Be sure to check out her goodies here in the Studio but also with her shop link below! 

Journals By Maria

Maria Levings has loved working with paper and stickers since her college days. She started making Junk Journals in 2016. Since she retired from teaching, she spends a great deal of every day “playing with paper”. 


Seeing God’s creation in nature sparks her joy in creating beautiful things. Two years ago she started making prayer journals in order to feel like she was still serving God in her retirement. Knowing she can spread God’s Word and Love through her favorite hobby allows her to “Do something beautiful for God” and hopefully produce “good fruit” in the vineyard.

Jenny Poppins Carpetbag  

Jennifer comes from generations of seamstress' work. You can see this with each piece she creates. She has an eye for detail and out of the box creativity -- which creates one of a kind home decor and luxury sewn goods. Her interior design background gives her the eye you need to bring the perfect combinations for her art. We pray you enjoy her just as much as we do. She has a heart for upcycling and saving the planet which is woven throughout her work. Jennifer is truly one of a kind, an original creative, that brings a modern twist to vintage and brightens up anyone's home with her creations. 

Isabela Schielke Studio

Isabela Schielke Studio was born in a little bedroom as a hobby. Not in a million years did she imagine she would be creating and doing what she loves full time. Isabela says " I was created to create, not a day go by that I haven't created something." Her mission is to be just a reminder for the world that Jesus is King and that He has everything under control. You can find more about Isabela down below with her Instagram link.


Mira Byler

I'm excited to announce one of our newest Featured Artist, Mira Byler 🤩
I came across Mira on YouTube in a time where I had just started to create again but was intimidated and bogged down by perfectionism. With Mira's positivity and approaches to the art world, she helped me understand it was okay to go through phases with art. She encourages her viewers, like myself, to make art that brings you joy and is transparent about her process, including mistakes and hardships.
I was honored when Mira said yes to be a part of Let Love Be My Motive Studio. I highly encourage you to check her out on YouTube and her personal website 🥰
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@MiraByler
Art Shop: mirabyler.com
Instagram: instagram.com/mirabyler

Megan Hale Art

My name is Megan Hale and I am from Alexandria, Louisiana. I currently reside in Pineville, Louisiana. I consider my style as American Scene, focusing on scenes of everyday life that encompass the human condition and experiences. I like to find beauty and mystery in the mundane. I want to depict everyday life around us as a beautiful composition. Everyday life involves all aspects of human conditions and experiences, whether it be joy, pain, anxiety, or comfort. The goal of my work is to depict color and form in an aesthetically pleasing way while evoking a sense of nostalgia and contemplation. I want to use art to interpret the many ways we overcome and grow in our environment and life.
The main subject of my work is scenes of everyday life, whether it be landscape, portrait, still life, or a combination of the three. Before I begin a painting, I search the environment around me to find a pleasing compositional vignette. The process of making my art begins with a sketch, then an underpainting. Since color, light, and shadow are often my inspiration, I will choose a color palette based on the subject and the most prominent colors in the subject matter. This is sometimes an attempt to capture complete realism or can be affected by mood. I have worked with oil, acrylic, pastels, charcoal, and pencil.
By nostalgically exploring the normative environment, I hope to engage the viewers' senses and memories of places, things and feelings forgotten or repressed. I choose these methods as a means to capture our everyday environment and invoke a thoughtful response to these fleeting moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Avery's Divine Creations

Hey y’all! My name is Avery Glass, and I am a wife, a (soon-to-be) mother of one, a teacher, and the owner of Avery’s Divine Creations! I began crafting years ago as a positive outlet for the creative mindset with which God blessed me. I most enjoy creating items from resin and paracord such as keychains, lanyards, board games, paint pallets, and so much more! I am honored to be a featured artist in the Let Love be my Motive Studio!

Kayla Terrell

Kayla Terrell is a local Cenla artist that focuses on unique, hand-lettered pieces and uplifting artwork. She is inspired by found objects and various textures. She enjoys creating items that bring joy to others on a daily basis, whether it be a small magnet or a large church painting.

Instagram: @kaybterrell