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Let Love Be My Motive Studio

Kintsugi Pottery Method Christian Mental Health Sticker

Kintsugi Pottery Method Christian Mental Health Sticker

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•Inspired By Kintsugi Pottery•

"to repair with gold"; the art of repairing pottery or gold or silver laquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken

••The Story Behind It••
I have went through many traumatic events such as childhood abuse, domestic violence, drug addiction, marital betrayal, and child loss--there was a point where I felt both me and my life were in so many pieces that it was deemed unusable. I wanted to hide those pieces of my life for no one to see.

Holy Spirit brought this beautiful pottery before my eyes. He spoke and said that so often we want to hide our broken pieces. But to do so, would hide the gold he has brought forth for the good works He has prepared for us to do.

May this art collection serve as a reminder that things may feel they are in shambles at times, but He will use every piece of your story for His Glory. May you never hide parts of yourself that were always meant to shine. Vulnerability before God and a healthy Christian Community will bring unity. He is the gold that holds us together.

••3.0" x 2.5" Sticker
•••High quality, thick, waterproof stickers
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